About Chinari

Our Purpose

In the fast-paced world, Chinari was established with an objective to make traditional apparels easily accessible to men & women without the hassle of hunting for high-quality fabrics & designs.

We here at Chinari have teamed up with traditional artisans to create a pedestal where premium ethnic clothes & accessories are sold at relatively attractive price ranges.

We bring the unique blend of modern & traditional styling through our collection that is a display of fabricated perfection. Intricate designs, detailed embroidery, high-quality & non-corrosive accessories, enviable fittings, we cover it all.

Our Identity, Our Chinari

We are an e-commerce hub that adds the essence of Ethnicity into the vast platform of Online Shopping. The North Eastern province of India sports an extravagantly diverse culture developed evolved by multiple communities. The beauty of this culture is evidently visible through layers and layers of vibrant fabrics that define the unique identity of each community.

But as much as someone would love to flaunt their traditional roots, options for ethnic North Eastern styled clothing is not available over major online shopping portals. Chinari was created to address that issue. It is an exclusive online shopping website that highlights your “Identity” through multiple choices in traditionally styled clothing & accessories for bridal wear, occasion wear, casual wear & kids wear.

Our Efforts

Chinari offers you its dedicated services during your purchase. We also love to help you with your queries and complaints after the purchase. Our team of amiable staff efficiently guides you through your most coveted traditional purchase, every time you choose to shop with us.